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Ultiseam - The key to easy care, enhanced durability garments

The UltiSeam range of seam improving products has been developed to provide benefits that the textile industry can proactively market to the consumer.

By including one of our thermofusible seam improving products into the construction of a garment, you are giving your end product a feature that will help to set it apart from the competition at point of sale; in appearance, feel and performance.

A complete range of solutions

The Ultiseam range has been designed to provide a range of easy to use products that will make minimum impact on your production line yet maximum improvement to the quality and handle of the finished product.

From tape supplied on rolls of varying sizes through to net, we can help advise on the best UltiSeam seam improvement solution to meet your objectives and help achieve the garment look and feel you’re aiming for. While we stock tape in a broad range of coil widths, to suit every type of seam construction, we can also produce bespoke coils to work with individual clients’ manufacturing processes.

Universal benefits

From belt loops to shirt seams; from high fashion design to school uniforms and industrial work wear, UltiSeam seam strengthening solutions provide a host of benefits that are just as attractive to the end consumer as they are to you, the manufacturer.

Benefits to you:

  1. Cost effective
  2. Enhanced appearance at point of sale
  3. Improved seam appearance that can’t always be achieved by adjustments in sewing tension or changing thread
  4. No puckering of visible seams after continuous laundering.
  5. Suitable for most fabrics
  6. Independently accredited
  7. Supplied in any width or coil length
  8. Designed to provide pre-determined finished garment handle and feel
  9. Low static, no fibre or colour pick up in the course of use
  10. No strike through

Benefits to customer:

  1. No puckering or wrinkling of visible seams after repeated laundering
  2. Increased life and durability of garment
  3. Enhanced perfect visual appearance
  4. Iron free easy care seams
  5. Ideal seam handle; added seam comfort

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